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Recreational Information for the City of Troy, Montana

The Troy community offers an abundance of recreational opportunities.
From simply hiking outdoors, walking to stay in shape, snowmobiling in the winter months, camping, nature trails, boating or rafting on the Kootenai river, bird watching, and of course plenty of fishing year round!

Take a Hike - In and Around the City of Troy!

Roosevelt Park in Troy, Montana

Roosevelt Park
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Osprey Pavillion
• 10 Picnic Tables
• Barbeque Area
• 3 Baseball Fields
• Soccer Field
• Basketball Court
• Children's Payground
• Cooling Pond
• Fishing Pond
• Boat Launch

Troy's Old Fashioned
4th of July Celebration is held here!

Walking Path at Roosevelt Park

The nice asphalt walking path is 8 feet wide. If you walk all the loops it is a little over 2 miles.

Rent the Roosevelt Park

Looking for a great place for your private party, commercial or non-profit event - you can rent the park!
Roosevelt Park Rental Agreement - Private Party
Roosevelt Park Rental Agreement - Commercial & Non Profit
Airport Walking Path

Airport Walking Path

If you walk all of the path including where it starts right outside of town, it is almost 2 ½ miles.

Geocaching in the City of Troy, Montana

Using Global Positioning Satellite Units(GPS)
Did you know that Troy offers a number of "caches"?
Visit the Geocaching website. After you reach this page - enter the zip code of 59935 in the upper right corner.
Look at all that is available!

Find out more about what is geocaching by clicking here

Winter Snowmobile Adventures

The City of Troy during the winter season offers an amazing opportunity! For further information visit the Troy Snowmobile Club's website at www.troysnowmobileclub.org.

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